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A Celebration of STEM with P5A

Our science teacher, Mrs Beattie, has been working hard with P5A on the Climate Smarter project to produce a model of an eco friendly school. The children worked in groups to produce models which included sustainable features such as wind turbines and water recycling units. Our head teacher, Mrs Stewart, had the unenviable task of choosing 2 models to go forward to the Climate Smarter competition and STEM celebration at Heriot-Watt university on 22nd May.
The 2 groups attended the day with Mrs Beattie and Mrs Campbell. The children were asked to set up their models and then had the opportunity to spend the morning taking part in a range of STEM challenges.
They then had to present their models to the judges and showcase their knowledge about ways to make buildings more eco friendly and sustainable.
Both groups spoke confidently and held their own against other pupils ranging from P5 to S2.

We were all absolutely delighted, surprised and elated when one of our groups won 2nd prize! The boys were over the moon and received a trophy, certificate and a whopping £150 for Mrs Beattie to spend on STEM resources!

We couldn’t have been more proud of the pupils, they conducted themselves beautifully all day and spoke so confidential and enthusiastically to the judges and everyone else they met that day (even the bus driver was impressed with them!).

A huge well done to everyone involved and thank you to Mrs Beattie for organising.

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