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Our LEARN Values



•Learning is central to our values.  We are all committed to life-long learning and enjoying creative, engaging opportunities to play, co-operate and learn which develop the knowledge, skills and experiences we all need to learn and achieve every day.


•Everyone is unique. We consider the whole child and their circumstances when making decisions and value inclusion, fairness and diversity so that together we ensure that everyone has the right support and the same chance to learn and achieve every day.


•A positive attitude is crucial.  We encourage and develop positive and supportive approaches to challenges and relationships building the aspiration, independence, resilience, and confidence we all need to learn and achieve every day. 


•Mutual respect underpins positive relationships across our lives.  We model clear communication, honesty, responsibility and trust and expect the same across all relationships in school; building partnerships which are so important to support us all to learn and achieve every day.


•Feeling nurtured is a central human need.  The Wellbeing Indicators help us all to work together on building a caring, warm, supportive environment where children's needs are central to our approaches ensuring we all learn and achieve every day.


Learn and Achieve Every Day @ ECPS