We have been celebrating all things Scottish over the last few weeks and classes have had fun learning about Scottish culture as well as reading and writing in Scots. They have enjoyed listening to Scottish poems, stories and songs.

Primary 1 have been using Scots words to describe the weather. Some classes have included Scots words in their WordBoost lists. Primary 5 created their own ‘scunners’, Scottish horror characters and also wrote examples of alliteration in Scots.

Many thanks to our wonderful Secret Readers who read some stories in Scots this week. Classes always love have a visitor and it is so important for learners to hear adults reading aloud. This is especially appreciated when we are encouraging and celebrating the diversity of languages at East Calder Primary.

We would love to hear from any parent or carer who would like to read to a class in a language other than English. Although pupils might not understand the words we would love to widen their experience of listening to other languages being spoken.

If you are interested please get in touch by emailing our school office.

Rights Article 30: I have the right to learn and use the language of my family.



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