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Victorian Artefact Handling in P6

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from West Lothian Museum services this week. Linking with our current Social Studies context we enjoyed an afternoon of Victorian artefacts! The class were allowed to handle a lot of the items and were amazed to see how things have progressed since Victorian times, even though we have the Victorians to thank for some of the amazing inventions that we use today. It was interesting to see that the Victorians used an abacus in Arithmetic similar to the concrete materials we use in Numeracy today.
This was a great springboard for our Victorian context as it led to discussions about Victorian inventions, housing and lifestyle to name but a few. We will be linking this learning to our current Literacy theme of creating a recount, the ability to retell and evaluate an experience. The Museum Service have kindly agreed to attend our Sharing the Learning in March so come along and see if you can identify the purpose of our Victorian artefacts, remember your child is now an expert!

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