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Primary 3 Learning

In Money this we took part in different activities to help us improve our knowledge of coins and how to pay. It has been difficult as nowadays we use less and less actual coins and notes to pay for shopping. Most people pay with cards now but it is still important we learn about money as it is life skills.

The title of our description this week was A Bus. We learned lots of information about buses, used key words on our planning sheet and then wrote our description. This week was our first time in P3 using a self assessment sheet. On it we had to colour to show how we felt we had done on each point. On the whole we did really well, just a few people needing to remember their word logs or finger spaces. Next week we get to choose our own title and what we are going to write a description about.

In art we used our imagination and creativity to cover up a mistake. We were all given pieces of paper that had accidentally been splashed with black paint. Everybody’s was different. We had to think about how best to cover them up. We came up with lots of ideas from a mermaid’s tail to an eyebrow!

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