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P3 Literacy & Numeracy

We listened to a story and thought of all the positional language we heard. We then worked with a partner to write down all the words we could think of. We watched a short video and discussed where items were in a house using the vocabulary we had learned.

We started learning about writing a description. To do this we read a passage and had to find all the nouns in it. We learned that a noun is a naming word for a people, place or thing. Later in the week we then used the same passage and highlighted all the adjectives. We though of other describing words that could be used.

We have been using concrete materials to help us with our Numeracy. We have lots of different tools in our class to support our learning. We use them to help us solve calculations. This week we were given the problem 24 + 12 and worked with a partner to solve it. We then had to keep adding 12. Some of us saw a pattern to the numbers and managed to work the problem to over 100. They then shared their strategy with the rest of the class.

We are constantly discussing our work with other people but sometimes we need to remember our listening skills. This week we worked in small groups to discuss our emotions. We had to remember to take turns, look at the person who was talking and listen to all their words.

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