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Primary 2/1

Primary 2/1 have been working very hard this term.

Literacy                                                                                                                                                       Primary 1 have completed their second set of sounds and have last week completed ‘m’ and ‘d’.  Some children are beginning to blend three lettered words out of these sets.  Primary 1s are also learning to write their name and some already can do this.

Primary 2 have also been completing their digraphs from their set and working on ‘oi’ and ‘oa’ last week.  Primary 2 are also working hard on their Fry’s Sight Words and some have moved onto #26-50 with the others very close to starting these too.  They have also been learning to uplevel their sentences using adjectives (describing words) and the children have had opportunities to create and talk about sentences they could write using pictures as a stimulus.

Numeracy                                                                                                                                               Primary 1 have completed learning All About Number 10 and have been using associated activities to consolidate this.  Primary 2s are learning about numbers up to 100 and doing activities to consolidate their learning in numbers before, after and within this range.

Science                                                                                                                                                       With Mrs. Beattie, P2/1 have been learning about Forces this term and made kites to learn about the power of the wind.

Health and Wellbeing                                                                                                                         P2/1 took part in the London Mini-Marathon Challenge of 2.6 miles  (4,184metres) and took great pride in running around the upper years’ playground for up to 5 laps each which was a total of 500 metres.  Multiplied by 21 children that day that adds up to 10,500 metres.  P2/1 you did a fantastic job in cracking the challenge!


Have a great holiday P2/1

Mrs. Meikle


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