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We love P2A!

We have been really busy since we started Primary 2. We have been working hard to make sure we feel safe and happy at school. We have also been working hard on our learning. Here are some of the learning and activities we have enjoyed so far in Primary 2A.


I like playing in the “safe Corner” with my friends.     Hugo

Kites use push and pull to move in the air. I have learned this in Science.   Alex

In Science, we learned about push and pull forces. When we you use a bow and arrow, you pull to start with and then you push at the end.  Jasmine

I like building with the straws that connect together. I like doing this with my friends.   Harry

I like how we have a moving word when Miss Marra finishes giving us instructions. When she says the word, we can start to tidy up and move. Today, our moving word is monsters.   Leila

I learned how to play Rob the Nest in P.E with Mr Millar.    Ollie

I like Writing and I like playing with my friends.   Isla

I like playing with the straws and the blocks. I also like Writing.   Oscar C

I liked when we made the kites in Science and I also like P.E.    Bruce

I like playing and I also like drawing.    Noah

I like drawing and playing with my friends. My friends are Isla, Isabella, Lacey, Carly and Jasmine.   Perry

I like Play Time outside.    Jaysiel

I love playing with the cubes.   Matthew

I like Break and when we play.   Carly

I enjoy playing with my friends at break and after lunch. I also like playing football. I also like Maths and Play.   Harris

I like doing Writing and Maths.  Isabella

I like P.E and I also liked when we made our table names.    Lacey

I like playing with Frankie.    Oscar M

I like Maths.   Cameron

I like playing and doing P.E. I like doing Science with the kites. I like football which I play after lunch when I go outside. I like when we go outside after lunch.  I like nature too so I like going outside at school. I love Jasmine too. Jamie

I like playing football.  Harley

I like when it is lunch time and story time.   Isabelle

I like Writing and playing outside at break. I like Maths too. Frankie

We have had a fantastic few weeks in Primary 2A and we all work so hard.

Article 28: We have the right to learn.

Article 19: We have the right to be safe.


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