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NURSERY - Fun and learning at Home

Good Afternoon

Here are some suggested activities to give a try.

Catching and kicking with a ball –play throw and catch or kick and pass with a ball (if you don’t have a ball improvise with rolled up socks or something similar to a ball shape.) L.I I am developing my fine and gross motor skills and am engaging in energetic play both indoors and out to stay healthy.

You could also keep a count of how many passes you can get without dropping the ball. L.I I am learning how to count in order and how to count using 1-1 correspondence.

Planting – Plant some flowers, seeds or bulbs in the garden and help them grow. Talk about what plants need to grow and discuss the different parts of the plant. L.I I have helped to grow plants and can name their basic parts. I can talk about how they grow and what I need to do to look after them.

Hot or cold game – Hide something in the room for another person to find and give them clues if they are close to the object by saying hot or if they are not near it say cold. Once you have found the object swap roles and try again. L.I I am learning how to take turns and follow rules.

Remember you can also have a look at West Lothian Early Years Blog  for more ideas by clicking here.

Have fun and stay safe

EC Nursery Team

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