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NURSERY - Fun and Learning at home

Good morning everyone

Here are some fun Easter activities you could give a go over the holidays

Easter egg hunt – plan an Easter egg hunt in the house or in the garden. You could hide them round the garden and let your child search for them using a map or you could hide them in the house and write clues to where they are hidden. L.I I am developing my language skills and increasing my vocabulary. Here is a link to some ideas

Easter bunny ears – Make bunny ears to wear while you do your egg hunt. You will need paper, scissors and Sellotape, glue or a stapler, (optional – cotton wool and colouring pens to decorate). L.I I am developing my fine motor skills and how to use scissors safely.

Easter cards – Make an Easter card using craft materials or natural loose parts. L.I I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials.


Match the pattern – Cut out egg shapes on paper then cut them in half using different cut lines. Now match the eggs back up by fitting the correct sections together. L.I I can identify and match patterns.

Make a wish jar – Any time you or a family member think of a place you would like to visit, an activity you would like to do, a place you would like to eat out at, a loved one you would like to visit or want to invite a friend to the house, write it down and post it in the jar. When things get back to normal use your ideas to create new memories having fun with loved ones you haven’t been able to spend time with recently. Click Here for an example.

Remember you can also have a look at West Lothian Early Years Blog  for more ideas by clicking Here.

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend, stay safe and have fun at home.

EC Nursery Team

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