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NURSERY - Fun and Learning at Home

Good Afternoon Everyone

Here are some suggested activities to give a try.

Animal cam – Edinburgh Zoo have set up live cameras on some of their animals which you can watch and discuss. Click on the link >

Go out for a walk and look for signs of spring. What’s the weather like?, what can you hear? And what animals and flowers can you see?. L.I I am learning about different seasons and I can identify the changes in the world around me.

Draw a picture e.g. of an animal/flower you have seen today. L.I I am developing my fine motor control to help get my fingers ready to write.

Match socks – Get your child to help sort the washing or take socks from the drawer, mix them all up and then get your child to match them back up again. L.I I am learning to identify pattern and can match items which are the same.

Hope you enjoy

EC Nursery Team

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